Autostrada del Brennero is a public limited company. Of its shares, 84.7% are held by Public Bodies in the areas through which the A22 passes, private shareholders account for 14.1%, while the remaining shares are owned by the Company itself. The Company operates under a public services scheme with the main aim of "promoting, planning, constructing and operating tollways, including the Autostrada del Brennero Verona-Modena, known as the A22". Due to the specific shareholder structure of the Company, it is natural that it operates in the public interest, with particular attention to the needs of the areas through which the tollway infrastructure passes.

As early as the 90s, with the knowledge that traffic would increase constantly, Autostrada del Brennero began to actively promote intermodal freight transport and railway transport with a direct controlling interest in the rail traction company STR - Brennero Trasporto Rotaia, and an indirect interest in RTC - Rail Traction Company and Lokomotion GmbH.

The Company was also committed to completing two strategic routes in Northern Italy: the Cispadana tollway that was to link Reggiolo (with an exit along the A22) with Ferrara (by connecting to the exit Ferrara Sud along the A13 Bologna-Padua tollway) and Campogalliano Sassuolo, which is an extension of the A22 where it meets the A1 tollway, up to SS (state road) 67 known as the "Pedemontana" in the area of Sassuolo. Autostrada del Brennero controls both these tollways with a 51% shareholding.
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