In recent years, the Brenner Motorway has been equipped with modern, highly technological and automated monitoring and video surveillance systems.

The entire motorway has an user information system that keeps drivers up to date regarding traffic and weather conditions consisting of 122 VMS, and 28 VMS on the ordinary roads at the points of access to the motorway.

Information is also communicated via the Televideo and Inforadio services and via mobile using the A22 application and the website.

In the tunnels, the technological systems equipped with remote command and control devices as well as the AID (Automatic Incident Detection) systems are connected with the supervision system of the User Assistance Centre – CAU. This central system not only assists the operators in managing the traffic and in assisting the motorway users, but also acts as HMI (human-machine interface) at the service of certain technical systems, recording and handling events, alarms and statistical reports, among other things.

Starting in early 2014, Autostrada del Brennero SpA implemented a system that monitors and tracks dangerous goods.

At 6 portals distributed along the entire motorway, the vehicles transporting dangerous goods are detected and classified via the reading of their licence plates and the hazard code panels (UN code, Kemler code), using OCR and infra-red technology.

At service areas and motorway toll stations, a sound and light system has been installed that alerts vehicles driving in the wrong direction.

The CAU has specific queue micro-simulation software available, that not only allows to make forecasts about traffic evolution and therefore provide drivers with real-time indications regarding travel times, but also to analyse – even on the basis of historical data – vehicle flows so as to determine, in intense traffic situations and/or special events (road works, accidents, etc.), the duration and extension of any vehicle queuing and drops in service levels.

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